Marketplace Selection - Questions to Ask Your Prospective Supplier

Recent research from SIA* shows that nearly 70% of businesses are already using talent platforms and marketplaces or seriously exploring their use. If you are considering making marketplaces part of your talent strategy, addressing skills and bandwidth shortages, and bringing more flexibility into your programmes here’s a handy list of questions to check with your potential providers.


What is the primary talent focus of the marketplace and does it cover the categories that you have identified in your workforce planning?


Can the marketplace handle both frequent requirements and one-off specific demand?


Does their platform have the right functionality for any user in my Company with a clear Technology roadmap? How open is their technology?


Is the approach to using the marketplace flexible enough to work both within existing programmes and processes, and to provide a roadmap to integration if needed?


Do they provide human support if needed, particularly when there are more complex Talent requirements from Hiring Managers?


Is it possible for hiring managers to go direct to the marketplace for requirements without compromising central programmes and transparency of external talent usage?


Is Talent coverage by region aligned with short- and longer-term plans for Regional / Global/Hybrid options of deploying the extended workforce?


Does the marketplace ensure compliance in worker classification and payments directly or through a partner network?


Can the marketplace offer both SOW deliverables and time based contracting?


Can I combine my existing external workforce into talent pools on the marketplace?


What are the expected service levels from the marketplace? Will I get regular reporting on success and other key metrics? Is benchmarking data available?


How much education and support do I need to get my first requirement live on the marketplace?



*Source: Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey EMEA May 2022



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