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Global Survey on Freelancing 2021 Report

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37 Forthcoming Research Reports: Example Over the next several months, expect a number of more specific research reports or "notes" on topics of interest. The following is an example: How Do Freelance Creatives Feel About Their Work And Career? Jon Younger Forbes contributor How do full- and part-time freelance creatives feel about their work and client relationships? What aspects of freelancing do these independent professionals feel best about? What changes would they like most to see in their work and relationships? I teamed up with Professor Gerald Cupchik of the University of Toronto and over 75 freelance platforms around the world to more deeply understand the views and experiences of different categories of freelancers. Among the 1900 independent professionals who participated in our Global Survey of Freelancing, 20% were marketing creatives, a freelance segment that includes writers, photographers and videographers, graphic designers, marketing and advertising specialists, PR advisors and SEO experts. Two sections of the survey are spotlighted in this article. The Freelance Satisfaction Index, focused on freelancers experience of the pros and cons of freelance life. The Client Satisfaction Index asked what it was like working with typical clients. The items comprising both indices are shared below. We wanted to know how creative freelancers saw their craft and work: the good, bad, and in-between. We hoped the data would help us to identify practical ways to improve creatives' experience. How do creatives describe the freelance life? The chart below shows how creatives responded to the Freelance Satisfaction Index. Freelancing offers me: Marketing Overall Attractive career opportunity 61% 56% Build expertise in interesting areas 68 66 Enjoy the quality of life I hope for 70 66 Achieve my financial goals 42 47 Meet and work with interesting colleagues 56 56 Meet and work with interesting clients 70 69 Flexibility and independence I value 84 78 Work on challenging problems 62 66

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