4 Talmix Leaders on 5 Years of Talmix

As we wrap up our birthday month, here’s how members of our Leadership Team, who have been here since the very beginning, have viewed those five years:



Pedro Mata-Mouros, CTO, describes how the platform has evolved and highlights some key developments:

“My focus on technology development has been to make it agile, robust and resilient – fulfilling the flawless part of the Talmix values. We have invested significant resources in developing our proprietary algorithms, building a globally scalable architecture, adopting and further developing in-house our core application components, both by introducing tried and tested industry powerhouses such as the Elastic Stack for our real time search and matching at a global scale as well as by leveraging the open source state-of-the-art. In fact – that aligns to the flexible value as well.


The commercial teams at Talmix will talk about the unique differences of speed, precision and convenience to both our clients and talent: I’m delighted that we have built a platform that is responsible for making those real. Here’s to lots of updates, and keeping ahead of trends, in the next five years.” Read more from Pedro here: 


Alexander Darcy, Sales Director, is the longest-serving Talmix employee, and noted the significant growth that the company has seen in the last five years and how that impacts on the team and culture

“The Talmix launch and new brand... all laid the groundwork for our network to quadruple in size, our top clients to increase their user base by 700% and for us to stand out as the only global talent marketplace focused on the business talent segment.


When I interview new joiners for Talmix, I frequently get asked the question ‘why did I join Talmix’. The better question is ‘why I am still here 7 years later’. The answer to that is all the reasons that have made us successful over the last 5 years. Our talent network, our technology, our team.”


Dorothy Mead, VP Marketing & Brand, has been following the market intently for five years and mused on how marketplace adoption is developing:


“During that time, talent marketplaces have been positioned as disrupting consulting firms, spelling the end of recruitment agencies, staffing firms, and many other far-fetched notions. The truth is simpler: talent marketplaces fit comfortably within the supplier ecosystem and provide rapid and direct engagement to the increasing independent workforce and the skills that they carry with them.

I’m confident that we’ve crossed the chasm; moving up the adoption curve is going to take a realistic approach to showing the value of both the extended workforce, and the routes to engaging with it. This will give marketplaces a key and valuable place within the workforce strategy of businesses worldwide.


Looking forward, I make no claim to be a futurist, and I’m as intrigued as anyone as to how the landscape will look in five years. What I am sure about is that there is a real place for Talent Marketplaces in company’s strategies, and that we’re just at the beginning of that journey. And as we progress, the appeal of pursuing a career through marketplaces increases. I’m looking forward to seeing it all develop, and most of all to seeing Talmix retain its market leadership position.”


And the final word from Sandeep Dhillon, CEO


“I am very proud to lead such a great team that continues to develop best-in-class products and offers outstanding service to our loyal and growing talent and customer base. The five highlights are

1) Building best-in-class technology: 

2) Focus on the Business Talent category: 

3) Growing our unique and loyal Talent Network

4) Building and enriching our unique Talent Passports:

5) Delivering value every day to forward thinking customers


Finally, our mission remains unchanged. We're the home of Business Talent and offer outstanding work opportunities around the world from a loyal and expanding customer base.

Read more from Sandeep here: 


A big thankyou to all our talent and customers over the years - without your support, and without your numbers, we wouldn't have the reach or level of success that we can boast today. Here's to the next 5 years! 





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