Achieving Strategy Success for CEOs

The ink has hardly dried on the business strategy you’ve created. You have buy-in from all your major stakeholders, the board loves you and you’re feeling confident with what your organisation will look like as a result of your, and your team’s, hard work. But there’s one thing that niggles. One obstacle which stands in the way of getting to that pre-destined vision you have: Execution. 

We look at 5 reasons why CEOs battle to achieve business strategy success through a lack of an effective execution plan. 

When I don’t have enough

When it comes to scaling up a workforce in preparation for the next big thing, most organisations immediately fall into the loop of dipping into reserves to create new positions, designing new task teams, and employing as many as their CFO will allow. But for many organisations, simply ramping up workforce teams for long-term commitment is just not an option. They look for instant, immediate skill that is able to strengthen their current team, but more importantly, they need immediate and experienced skill that is able to ramp up action and deliver their strategic vision. It may be short-term, it may be project-based, it may even simply be for a particular location. Using the extended workforce to fortify your existing team gives you the hope of seeing your strategy become reality, without the need for major long-term employment commitment – until you are ready for that.  


When I don’t have the Right

For many organisations, a renewed business strategy usually means change. And with change, comes discomfort. As the head of your organisation, it is critical to ensure that you have the Right workforce in place that not only supports your strategy, but is able to execute and deliver results against it. That means having the Right Size (ensuring the right number of people in the right roles), the Right Shape (removing duplication and inefficiency to establish a good balance of workload, seniority, level of skill etc), the Right Costs (paying the right price for the right skills), the Right Place (ensuring people are in the right locations to meet required workload), and the Right Skills (removing the gaps and ensuring skills to deliver goals and results).  

Augmenting your workforce with the best business talent that is able to immediately join your organisation and pick up and run with your business strategy, gives you the powerful opportunity to focus on meeting your strategic business goals, while allowing time to adjust your workforce and get them aligned to the right business focus. 

When I have enough, but need change

More often than not, a new business strategy requires change. Change in outlook, change in approach, change in methodology – but all too often – change in mindset. When working with a highly-skilled and experienced existing workforce, sometimes change can be a challenge – and you are faced with the urgent requirement to start delivering on strategy, while at the same time, nurturing your existing workforce to become acclimatised to a new approach and focussed on a new vision.  The power of an independent workforce introduces an unbiased, focussed view on the results you want them to deliver. They are not bound by conformity or the “It’s always been done this way” pitfalls, but are ready to jump in and get started – giving you the results you need to see, while allowing you the time to get your workforce facing the right direction. 

When I have the best, but I want even more. 

It’s a common-known fact that automobiles depreciate in value by an average of 15% the minute you drive it away from the Dealer’s forecourt. Yet the opposite is true of a strong and powerful workforce. Unlike trucks, people appreciate in value the longer they work with you. They develop skills and experience and they build up a knowledge of your business, your clients, your market that nobody can buy. But in a world where the Job For Life anecdote is becoming a rare commodity, how do you hold onto the best, and ensure that your future workforce augmentation far outranks your competitors? Simple – you look at a fluid workforce to amplify your talent strategy.   

To take action on successfully executing your business strategy, get in touch with us today and let’s turn strategy into action. 

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