The Importance of Providing Talent Feedback

Providing feedback to talent who have applied for your project can seem like overkill when you are looking for quick hire. But as with any talent acquisition, giving a reason for not hiring an applicant has benefits for your company. It is a short term investment for long term gain.

Here are 5 undeniable reasons why providing feedback to talent is worthwhile:

1.    It is better for your company’s reputation – When you come to Talmix to look for talent, you are sourcing from a network of experienced, sophisticated business professionals. Their professional network – both on and offline – is significant. Letting them know why they have not been chosen for this project will encourage positive word of mouth about your company. This is even more important if you are searching in a highly specialised or niche field; that network is likely to be tighter and extremely communicative. 

2.    It will help talent know the kind of experience your company is looking for – Have you had applications from consultants with the wrong level of experience or someone who lacks the specific sector knowledge you require? Let them know what it was that prevented them from being the right match for the project. This gives them the opportunity to either get that experience and apply for a future project or reposition themselves so they are applying for more appropriate assignments. 

3.    You can keep it short and simple – You don’t need to write War and Peace. Remember they have applied based on their perceived ability to deliver your project – not for a lifelong vocation. Providing them with the main reason you didn’t pick them, in a concise, straightforward way can help to give the consultant direction that they can take on board quickly. And it won’t take up as much of your valuable time.

4.    Encourage repeat proposals from talent you liked - We have over 60,000 business professionals in our network and sometimes our clients are forced to pick between a selection of exceptional candidates. If this happens you may want to see proposals from these people again for another project; giving feedback to them now means you are more likely to keep them engaged and waiting for the next opportunity to work with you. There are also instances where someone isn’t right for the current project but they could be perfect for one in a different department, so do your colleagues a favour and keep them on side.

5.    It will discourage talent who are not relevant from proposing for projects again – If someone is a definite no for your company or department then it will save you time in the long run to let them know now. Clarifying why applicants are unsuitable will help to refine future talent searches. It will discourage multiple applications from those consultants and narrow down your options faster.

Giving feedback means having a dialogue with talent interested in your projects. This will help them become savvier when contemplating proposing or recommending someone for one of your projects in the future. The clincher is that you will ultimately get better applications going forward because of this. Don’t leave it to chance, take a small step to get the best results!

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