Why Independent Consultants make the Best Interim Managers

The war for talent is raging. The skills shortages at the top of organisations are creating challenges for HR and talent acquisition specialists. Extra effort is going into building employer brands, improving recruiting, onboarding and retention. While this is great for those roles that have a certain future, when there has been widespread change or transformation, do you know what the right talent looks like? And will it be the same in 6 months time? Are you factoring in resources for onboarding and retention for a senior role that might not be the right profile for the business in the long-term?

Using interim managers is a well-worn strategy for avoiding such wastage. Your executive team may believe they have the choice between working with a management consultancy or hiring an interim manager, but there is another way. Independent consultants make the best interim managers because they have strong expertise and experience. They carry with them all the benefits of working with a management consultancy but none of the drawbacks.

1.    They are highly experienced - independent consultants have broad experience and can implement as well as analyse and plan. They are switched on to the latest thinking.

2.    They are prepared for short term work and loyal to your business objectives - as independents they are only serving you and not trying to meet the objectives of a consultancy as well. They are flexible and will give you their advice based on their true opinion rather than the way their consultancy views things. They won’t be trying to upsell additional services into the company.

3.    They are strategists but are also ready to get their hands dirty. Independent consultants are likely to have had a career that includes both sides of the coin – experience in industry and in a consultancy. Working with an independent consultant gives you the best of both worlds. They understand consulting methodology but also the complexity of working within an enterprise.

4.    They can provide an independent eye – they are looking to work on interesting projects and make an impact. They are not involved in workplace politics and are keen to reach resolutions and embed change.

5.    They know how to fast track a critical project – an independent consultant will get started straight away and understand the vital nature of a deadline. 

6.    Provide real value - the cost benefit analysis of using an independent consultant as an interim manager is positive. They are programmed to understand the value they provide and ensure they return results.

At Talmix you will find the perfect independent consultant to fill your interim role. Using matching technology and working with our skilled team of delivery experts you’ll find the person with the specific expertise needs to take your company to the next stage.

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