Why the Retail Industry uses the Extended Workforce

There are very few industries more competitive than the retail industry. Regardless of where you are in the world, your vision is to always know what your clients want, try to predict what they may want tomorrow, stay up to date with latest industry trends, and more so, always remain necessary.  It may sound simple enough. The truth is – it’s anything but simple. Thus is the reason why Retail businesses all over the world are turning to the extended workforce to help deliver their revenue forecasts, business potential and exponential growth plans. 
Here’s why the Retail industry chooses to work with the extended workforce. 
1. They have worked with many
Independent consultants, the really good ones like the ones who belong to the Talmix consultant community, have been in your shoes. They come from the world of retail themselves and for many, have many years of experience of running and managing retail businesses – whether it be from the frontlines, or the back-office. And for many consultants within the retail industry, their careers have seen them work with a number of retail stalwarts and get to know the industry from the inside out. 
2. Independent advice coupled with practical experience
“Insight without execution is just hallucination”, according to Lori Homsher. Independent consultants bring a winning strategy to any retail business who chooses to engage with them: independent insight and advice, teamed up with years of practical hands-on experience and a practical delivery plan.  And where only insight exists, and while you’re paging through pages and pages of strategies, chances are your competitor is probably already in action mode and is far ahead of you in the retail game. Independent consultants bring a combination of strategic insight with practical know-how and action that enables you to get started on your business growth, almost instantaneously. 
3. Can help regardless of business size, shape or challenge.
Independent talent is talent that has the know-how a retail business needs. But not just an understanding of industry challenges, but rather, an understanding so deep, and wide, that stretches far beyond business size, structure, opportunities and threats. Whether they’ve worked with established brands, or whether they’ve worked with high-growth start-ups, independent talent crosses over from the bespoke to the conglomerate, the niche to the monopoly.
4. Practically done, and successfully delivered 
You cannot manage what you don’t measure – and independent consultants bring a measured track record of success delivered. Just ask their clients.  For most independent talent, they are sourced to solve a particular problem. They know the challenges, they have the insight and they know what needs to be done. The definition of success is whether or not they’ve achieved what they set out to do.  For most independent consultants, the strength of their network and the power of their personal and professional references are the keys that unlock new opportunity for their independent careers – and being able to demonstrate measurable success on work completed is critical to their own development. By default therefore, you, as their client, in turn automatically reap the benefits of that measured track-record of success. 
5. Independent Independence
Yes, we know – it sounds clunky. But think about it for a second. Independent Consultants are not bound by commercial agreements or strategic partnerships. They are not held to ransom to old methodologies or protocol. They are simply there to do a job. And because they hold no allegiance to any commercial politics, the have the unique opportunity to be truthful and honest with you, always giving you the best advice or insight – whether it’s something you are ready for, or not. Because consultants value each client independently as a key cornerstone of their service proposition, a confidential and empathetic approach is paramount to every new business relationship they develop. 
6. Multi-channel Ability 
Whether you are multi-channel, or whether you are stuck in a rutt and need to diversify, the beauty about embracing independent talent is that they have hands-on experience across the retail channel divides. Whether you work in franchise or wholesale, high street or clearance outlet, e-commerce, mail order or pop-up shop – experienced independent talent understands your world, but more importantly, is forward-thinking enough to help get you to where you want to be. They are focussed on getting your business fit and ready today, to deliver what your clients need, tomorrow. 
If you are looking to work with some of the best independent consultants in retail, then speak to us today.   
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