The Benefits of Working with Independent Consultants

Whether you have considered working with an independent consultant before or you have only ever worked with established consultancies, it is worth understanding the benefits of working with an individual.

  1. It is invariably the more cost-effective option. One person, no matter how high her hourly wage or per project cost is almost always cheaper that a whole consulting firm.
  2. You’ll get the right expertise. In traditional assignments, sometimes availability is more important than ability. For independents, it’s the reverse. A network of 60,000 independent consultants from 150 countries, like we have at Talmix, is more likely to cover your industry, function and specific knowledge, contain someone available in your location, with the expertise you need.
  3. The focus is on your current requirement. Large firms are incentivised to find new opportunities within your business while delivering on the current assignment. There are no such compulsions for an individual consultant, although if you do like your consultant, it’s easy to carry on working with them. Or just return to find another perfect match for your next requirement.
  4. You'll get a leaner service. When you hire an independent consultant, you get the consultant. Not someone with their skills and experience supervising someone with a lower skill level and less experience, but whose billable rate is the same as or higher than the person you wanted.
  5. You won't be paying for overheads. An independent consultant isn’t paying for advertising, a fancy office and an HR department. You’re paying for the service you get and not a bunch of overheads that won’t benefit your company.
  6. You'll have increased transparency. When you choose an independent consultant you get to pick the consultant with the exact experience you need. You can get direct contact with them from the start and retain control through the process. 
  7. There'll be greater personal accountability. Working with an individual rather than a consultancy lays the foundation for a more personal working relationship, with higher accountability. An individual will feel greater responsibility to the work because it represents them. They are concerned by your business, and their own brand, not building someone else’s reputation. 
  8. Have a truly bespoke experience. An independent will approach each project with their expertise and knowledge, not a set of templates that will be re-purposed to your business. An individual will go into all aspects of the assignment and will be better able to correlate all of them.

At Talmix our matching algorithm finds the best talent to suit your needs. If your requirements are complex we have a team of people who can support you through this and make sure that whatever specific area you are catering to is matched with the best consultant there is. You can find out more about how to post a project here.


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