Adapting to the Modern Workplace

Alisha Panter

Remote working has become the new normal in today’s climate, with businesses fast-tracking the transformation of their business structures and workforces. But what is the ‘new normal’ and how can your business align with ease?


Many businesses will need to adjust to accommodate whole teams working remotely for the foreseeable future. Covid-19 has presented numerous challenges for businesses, from quickly scaling up operations and maximising efficiency, to undergoing tedious hiring processes to optimise teams. Most businesses have found short-term fixes to these issues, but many haven’t considered what this may look like long-term.


Even before the pandemic hit, there was an increase from 18% to 24% in workers working from home. This has now changed significantly to the point that around 50% of all people who are employed or self-employed are now working from home. Although these figures will shift as businesses ease back into the office, it will be unlikely that offices will operate in-house at full capacity as they once did. 


The modern workforce will thus become as flexible as the workplace, with team members dipping in and out whenever their skillsets are required. Projects that have been put on the backburner in recent months will need to be re-started quickly and efficiently, and without a full workforce, this will involve bringing in the right talent to get the job done.


This is where Talmix can help save hiring managers endless hours of searching for that critical talent when time is of the essence. We understand that demand for business is currently unpredictable and it’s important to have flexibility as and when you need it - whether that’s through accessing niche talent pools or plugging skill shortages on a permanent, project or interim basis – there is no time for pressing projects to wait.


Why not adapt to the modern workplace by using the Talmix platform today to make the right hiring decisions – it really is that simple.


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