Affordable, high quality global health insurance for the Talmix network

Talmix has partnered with SafetyWing, your solution for affordable, high-quality global health insurance. 

The Talmix community now has access to Remote Health by SafetyWing at an exclusive discount of up to 35% off individual rates. Remote Health plans provide comprehensive annual health coverage for residents of 175+ countries: a member can use the same plan to live, travel, and work all over the world!

Important information:

🌎 Use your insurance at any clinic or hospital, private or public in 175+ countries.

🤝 24/7 friendly customer support for claims, questions, and any concerns.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Add dependents such as your spouse, domestic partner or children.

Redeem Your Benefit 

As a Talmix network member, you can choose between three plans: Standard, Premium, or Premium+ Maternity:

Want to learn even more? Check out our full policy documents below:

Standard 🔗 Benefits / Policy Document

Premium 🔗 Benefits / Policy Document

Premium +maternity 🔗  Benefits / Policy Document

You can select your country of residence here to see the coverage. (For a full list of countries  covered or not included click here Country Restrictions.)

Want to access this benefit? Sign up here!

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