Closing the Gender Gap

We are fortunate at Talmix to be in the driving seat in helping propel change and directly affect balance within the industries and organizations that we support. The women in our network are some of the most talented business professionals in the world, and their number continues to grow year on year.

We are committed to creating a more gender-inclusive workforce, to continue to bridge the professional gender gap, and ultimately close it. We know that there are barriers yet to overcome, but positively, we’ve seen that diversity and inclusion has now become a top priority for our clients worldwide, and we’ve played our part in realising these goals for companies hiring business talent from the Talmix network.

Women on the rise

It has been a year of continued growth for our female talent on the Talmix platform. The number of female registrations, applications and project success rate has continued to rise over the last twelve months, and for the first time, the number of top ten earners at Talmix are a straight 50-50 male/female split.


According to our data, women are being hired at a greater rate, and are receiving a higher day rate than men across a wide range of sectors and industries, particularly in Management Consulting, Real Estate and Retail. There has also been an upsurge in the number of women gaining leadership roles across all industries. Most notably, the healthcare and biotech industries have hired 60% more women than men this year through the Talmix platform, despite females only accounting for 26% of all applications. The technology industry has also made huge strides in hiring women across all roles and offering much more competitive day rates than in previous years.

Japan leading the way: the highest percentage of female hires on the Talmix platform over the last twelve months.

There seems to be a growing awareness amongst companies that skills shortages cannot be solved without diversity and inclusion. There is of course, still more work to be done. Hire rates have grown in last 12 months in Private Equity and Financial Services, but still remain at much lower level than other industries. Our aim over the next twelve months will be to oversee a continued rise in the number of female hires within these industries.



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