What is the On Demand Economy?

The on demand economy has been taking the world by storm for the past decade. The growth of big brands like Uber, AirBnB, Deliveroo and many more are well documented. But a quieter on demand revolution has been happening in the B2B sphere... 

The Cambridge Dictionary describes the phrase ‘on demand’ as meaning:

•    Any time that someone wants or needs something
•    Available when a customer wants or asks for something.

On demand is probably most commonly used in modern parlance to describe online streaming or cloud computing services. They enable easy access to entertainment and necessary services at the exact point at which someone wants or needs it. The experience of using an on demand service should be intuitive and easy.

Over recent years the on demand model has spread into the human world with online businesses providing hubs for the deployment of human skills. In the consumer world, Uber connects you with a nearby taxi driver and Deliveroo serves up restaurant food for you at home whenever you fancy it.

In the B2B context, it provides easy access to resources that might otherwise take longer and cost more to acquire. It also allows for flexible use, on demand means you can scale resources up or down depending on needs. A company can access the vast experience and expertise of an experienced consultant quickly and easily when needed and then return to their normal staffing levels when the need has been dealt with.

At Talmix, ondemand means being able to access the right talent at the right time; and with the right talent we believe anything is possible.

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