Digital Does Not Dehumanise

Imogen Irwin

I often hear the pushback that digital staffing solutions de-personalise traditional talent acquisition processes, and ultimately break down human connection. In fact, technology can actually enhance personalisation.


Technology enhances the human experience


Forming connections with talent is a vital part of my role. Getting their input and using digital solutions to provide meaningful engagement and feedback is a way technology can bridge the gap on areas the staffing industry can often fall short.  Digital and human do not have to be mutually exclusive – technology and the wider Talmix team complement one another to offer a service that is fast, without compromising on quality. For example, we know that lack of feedback is one of the single biggest complaints in the hiring process, and it’s something that we’ve spent a lot of time trying to develop the best way to deliver feedback effectively. We built features into the platform to make sure that every applicant has feedback regardless of which stage of the process they reach: a significant improvement in candidate experience and almost impossible to achieve consistently without technology. 

More time for relevant interactions


Rapidly filtering talent to find the best match with data-led technology actually allows us to spend more time with right candidates for the engagement. The blend of the two means we interact and personally screen the right candidates quickly and efficiently. A great example of this in action is a recent project in which within 24 hours of the project being posted, excellent candidates were matched, two were shortlisted and an offer was made the next day. Speed in hiring is more critical than ever: the competition for great talent, the rapid changes that businesses have had to make, and running a fast process helps both the hiring company and the candidates. 

Both sides see the benefits


The human side of the process goes beyond one touch point. We have several interactions with talent to guide them through the proposal process and provide resources to help them adapt to a different way to find work: by definition platforms like ours need support on both sides of the hiring picture.  Help and advice is given at every stage of the interviewing process and even after a candidate is placed, we maintain a strong relationship with them and check in on how they’re finding the role. We have found our top-tier talent, can often become clients – after being so impressed with our service as a candidate, they advocate our use long-after they are placed! It is also important to us that those who have not been successful are given tailored feedback – and it is our technology that enables us to do this. 

Hybrid approach delivers results


Hiring is a human process and we want to emphasise the importance of this, and also to show the value of technology in enabling us to provide this better service. Like the best examples of automation, we’re using it to take out the manual processes that are time-consuming and inefficient, while retaining the human aspects that create the complete experience. We’ve learnt over time that this hybrid approach is the way to deliver our fast, flexible and flawless approach.

If you’re someone looking to add digital into their hiring, or someone thinking about registering on a digital platform, I’m confident that we demonstrate that digital doesn’t de-humanise and does make the experience faster and more effective for both parties, and that we all get to the desired results.

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