Digital Transformation: Benefits of using the Extended Workforce

It is now well-known that no part of our economy is immune to the effects of digital disruption. Businesses all over the world, regardless of industry, size or marketspace are facing immense pressure to adapt and embrace all things digital. But just before you think that working in a paperless environment is your saving grace, we invite you to think a little pause for a second, and consider the following:
  • Do you create seamless and consistent engagement with your clients and customers?
  • Are you paying enough attention to cyber security?
  • Are you empowering your own workforce by providing agile work methodology through remote or flexible working?
  • Is your organisational strategy based on the future, as opposed to the past – and will it stand up against your competitors in the war on digitisation?
While some organisations are fully-prepared and equipped for what’s to come, many businesses still find themselves trying to keep up and are quickly being swallowed up by the surge that is digital disruption.  Talmix is the home of business talent. That means, we give you the opportunity to work with the best, the most experienced, the most agile, but more importantly, you have the opportunity to take advantage of industry knowledge and expertise that will transform your organisation.  
Here are 4 benefits of unlocking the power of the extended workforce to get your business on track for the Future of Work. 

1. First-hand experience of what the market expects: The talent on the Talmix network are seasoned digital bodies. They’ve worked with and for many and they know the market probably better than most. For most organisations, there’s only so much market research and competitor analysis you can do from the outside looking in, but independent consultants bring internal, first-hand experience of industry trends, competitor movements, client expectations and more. 


2. Agile and Digitally-Ready: Because they’re agile, they’re accustomed to working digitally – and getting results delivered fast. They’ve had to adapt, themselves, to their own customer and client demands – and they’re in the frame of mind to deliver, every time, with ease and efficiency. They bring that temperament and focus on getting you operationally sound, to your organisation. But they also understand the challenges you’re up against – and know how to get you to where you, as a business, needs to be. 


3. They’re not there to replace. They’re there to augment:  We understand the panic that sets in when speaking about ‘outsourcing’. Our network is different. Talmix talent thrive on project success and live for delighting their customers. It’s the perfect blend – you have an already equipped workforce but you lack the expert skill to steer the ship into a more digitally-ready future. Independent consultants have the skill you need to strategically align your business with your vision – while understanding what’s coming, what may steer you off course, and what you need to change. 


4. They bring capacity and resource: For many organisations, becoming digitally-ready, and getting to your digital to-do list is something that burns a whole in many of our daily schedules. But surprisingly, so many organisations tackle this as and when they have the time. We say that for an organisation to become fully ready for the Future of Work – becoming digitally-ready is not something that should be on your to-do list, it should be the ONLY item to do. But we understand that lack of resource, challenging stakeholders, budget restraints, organisational strategy and so many other factors create hurdles that make it difficult for most business leaders to address what they know they should be doing.  There’s a simple solution here. The ONLY item on the To Do list for a Talmix consultant is delivering what you need. And if it’s digital readiness, or at least a plan to help you get there, then that’s what they can do. It’s not a sign of weakness or admitting defeat. On the contrary – it’s a sign that you’re ramping up forces to invest in your organisation future. It’s a sign that you’re focussed on what’s really important. 

Ready to get started? We’d love to hear from you. Our talent come from all over the world, from almost every business function and marketspace. Get in touch today. 
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