Consultant FAQs

I’m thinking about going independent. Does it make sense to join Talmix?

Talmix is the home of independent business talent and has been helping consultants in their independent careers since we were founded. We bring new client projects to your attention so that your move to independence is helped by getting an immediate pipeline of new business opportunities. We also offer support through the process from advice on writing better proposals to special offers for things like research services.

Can anyone join Talmix?

Talmix is powered by the quality of its talent pool. This comprises of consultants with anything from 5 to 40 years’ business experience; senior executives who have extensive career experience in leading businesses; fast track executives who have built businesses or led significant initiatives. We are providing a service to companies who want instant expertise and experience; this means we have a rigorous vetting process.

I’ve seen a project that I’m interested in. Can I apply straightaway?

Before you can apply for a project you have to be approved to join. We try to make this process as rapid as possible although it’s important that we check your background and experience matches the quality our clients expect.

I haven’t been approved to join although I think I have a profile that matches. Can you explain why?

First of all, make sure that your career profile has clear evidence of a strong track record in a leading management consultancy/advisory firm or that you have proven management expertise in established organisations. If this is the case, then make sure that you completed all the profile fields on application and attached a cv. We also cross check against other networks so if there are any profile issues in your public profiles you might want to update.

I’ve been accepted. How do I apply for a project?

The application process is easy. You need to submit a short proposal that sells yourself into the project and back this with your existing profile and cv. The proposal process often highlights where you may have experience but haven’t included it in your Talmix profile: use this as an opportunity to update.

I’ve sent you my cv: Why do I need to have a complete profile as well?

The Talmix process is driven by our best match algorithms. These use the information in your profile to determine a score for each project and those with top scores are immediately notified when a project is suitable for them. This is why we encourage you to both complete your profile and keep it up to date.

Can I work remotely on projects?

Some projects, particularly things like market assessment and due diligence projects, can be carried out remotely whereas others need some time on-site, through to projects where the entire project is carried out at the client premises. This is specified in the project details: if you are unable to commit to working on site if it is requested, then it is advisable not to submit a proposal.

What happens if my proposal is accepted? 

Many clients will also want to speak with you to understand more about your proposal. If after this your proposal is accepted, there will be an agreement generated on the platform which will form the basis of the contract. This needs both you and the client to review it and when it’s agreed, then you can start working on the project.

How do I get paid?

You invoice Talmix and we invoice the client, with our markup added to the client invoice. The payment is normally made at the end of the project; for longer term projects part of the agreement process will be on the payment frequency.

How do I get feedback on my proposals?

You will always be notified about the results of your proposal. During the review stage, clients can message you to ask you to elaborate on your proposal and background. 

We actively encourage clients to give feedback and many will  provide detailed feedback to the consultants they've shortlisted and when possible we ask them to provide reasons for rejecting or accepting earlier stage proposals, although this isn't always possible.

Our delivery team handles a large volume of proposals daily and while they try to provide useful tips to help you, they may not be able to answer specific questions. For advice on creating a good proposal, refer to our guide. 

Why do I need to provide both a resumé (cv) and a profile?

Your Talmix profile is unique to this platform and is used to drive project matches and notifications. Although the information is on your cv, it’s not structured in a way that facilitates search algorithms. We also want clients to be able to access your experience highlights quickly and your profile gives that high-level overview. When they have done this, many clients will then want to look at a more detailed resumé to understand more.

Client FAQs

How do I request a consultant for my business?

You start the process at Talmix by posting project details online. You can specify project type, duration, budget, location (and whether the project can be completed remotely) and then a description that provides sufficient information for our consultants to submit their proposal. When you’re happy with this, we do a provisional check that this is a project that is a fit for our consultant network (see why-talmix for typical project types) and then we start the matching process.

How can I ensure the right quality consultant applies?

We use cutting edge algorithms which take the data from your project and match it with our consultants. Those with the best match are notified so they can apply immediately. Others may apply but may not make a shortlist if we don’t consider the skills to be a good fit.

Do I have to review every application?

Although our network is large, consultants are encouraged to apply only for those projects that are a high match for their skillset. This means that the proposals that come through to you will be high in quality but not overwhelming in quality.

When there is a more complex requirement, our project delivery specialists can work with you to create a shortlist. This way we can streamline the process so that you deal with the consultants that are most likely to end up working with you.

Do I need to meet consultants?

Most of our clients run the process entirely through our platform, making use of the messaging functionality to sort out any questions on proposals or experience. Some will do telephone interviews, particularly when there is a requirement to be part of an existing team. Many clients are happy for consultants to work remotely as well. Our aim is to get the right consultant for you and how you finalise the selection is up to you.

How do I let the consultant know that I want to work with them?

When you have decided on your preferred consultant, you issue an agreement from your account. The consultant is notified, reviews the agreement and 'clicks' to accept: you may have to firm up some of the details like expenses as part of a final refinement. When the project agreement is finalised, your project starts. We also automatically inform unsuccessful consultants so you really can concentrate on the detail of your project, not the management of the process.

How quickly will I get my project started?

This really depends on the complexity of the request. Our aim is to have the first suitable consultants with you within 48 hours; however sometimes we have projects that start on the same day as the project is posted. The process really runs to your timescales. We should stress that if you are planning for a project in advance and find the perfect consultant then it is worth pre-booking them.

Can I work directly with the consultant on future projects?

Our terms and conditions state that our fee applies to any projects within 12 months of the first project posting. This is to provide a level playing field for our consultants and to ensure that we can continue to monitor the quality of our service provision. We’re always really pleased when a client wants to engage with the same consultant again.

Do I pay the consultant directly?

We invoice you for the total project costs: this is the agreed fee for the consultant and the Talmix fee which is a percentage of this. When we have received payment, we will pay the consultant. This makes it much easier for you to manage multiple freelancers.


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