Global Freelancing Study: The Results

Earlier this year we were delighted to be asked to participate in the first significant, global collaborative survey of freelancing, initiated by Dr Jon Younger and Professor Gerald Cupchik of the University of Toronto. With its global network of business talent, we were eager to add the voices of our independent community to the study. Overall 75 platforms took part, which in itself shows how freelancing has grown, and how platforms are a key part of that growth. You can read the full report by following the link at the end of this article.

The research has now been published, with results that give clear and deep insight into the reasons for the growth in freelancing and the trends that those who have chosen to work independently are noting. And from the perspective of a platform provider, these insights help us to build on our programmes to improve the overall experience for our talent network.

A particular area to note is the introduction of the Freelance Satisfaction Index. The study comments that "Taking the highest highs and the lowest lows of the Freelance Satisfaction Index gives us some insight into how freelancers assess their career prospects."

There is also the introduction of a Client Satisfaction Index. In previous surveys among the Talmix network we've heard about the importance of the client being 'freelancer ready' and this research also highlights how a client can develop the right approach.  

(I'd also recommend reading this excellent article in Forbes on the subject of how HR teams can drive the use of freelancers - and increase those satisfaction scores)

The report is an invaluable read for those embarking on a freelance career and evaluating how platforms can support them; for those who are developing their independent career and for companies who are recognising that they need to make use of the extended workforce, and want to know how best to engage.

As the use of talent marketplaces continues to rise, it's incumbent upon providers like Talmix to create and develop a great experience for its talent community.  We continue to build our network of partners to support different aspects of this career, and we're rightly proud that Ardent Partners recognised the quality of the user experience on the platform. If you're ready to sign up to start your own freelancing revolution then register now.

We're also pleased to announce that Jon will be hosting an online Ask Me Anything session on October 28th for the Talmix community, so watch this space, for more details.

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