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September 19, 2016 Rob Sandall

InsightBee are changing the analytical landscape through disruptive tech that will ultimately benefit everyone. Rob Sandall meets the man at the head of a platform that has the business world buzzing.

Modern businesses generally like to believe that the personalities of their senior staff reflect, define and evangelise the core tenets of the brand. For tech companies in particular, providing a human element is an incredibly important part of getting the message out and the customers on board.

It is difficult, then, to imagine a better spokesperson for InsightBee than Manoj Madhusudanan, a Managing Director who is as affable, transparent and easy to understand as the ‘startup’ he represents.

Before 2011, Madhusudanan had for just over half a decade been working his way up the ranks of research and analytics giant Evalueserve, a business of 3200 employees that provides vital stats and insight for the biggest companies on earth. He was approached by founder (and ex-partner at McKinsey) Marc Vollenweider, who was pondering how to access areas of the market that were as-yet untapped, namely small-to-medium-sized businesses. 

Accessing and interpreting data is expensive, but why not create a platform, thought Vollenweider, that could provide analysis only as and when it was needed, filtered through analysts, for one-off costs?

“The question was how we would be able to re-use data and knowledge, and pair our talent with automation, so that we could offer services at an affordable cost while providing the same level of quality that our larger customers enjoyed,” says Madhusudanan.

“In early 2014 we set up InsightBee as a startup – created as a stand-alone business unit within Evalueserve, but able to pull in expertise from various parts of the firm as necessary for specific research projects – and I was roped in to heading that up, which saw me ultimately relocate from Delhi to London a year later.”

Manoj Madhusudanan


InsightBee’s launch and subsequent successes have been impressive to say the least, providing a simple, accessible and crucially pay-as-you-go platform on both desktop and mobile devices that allows fast access to outsourced market research reports. 

With a few taps to define the level of detail and a couple of questions to get a general understanding of the project at hand, the platform can provide a quote for the work involved and a delivery date upfront, the latter usually a matter of mere days.

“It obviously depends on the complexity of what’s needed, but we can work to a client’s budget. They can request just a quick assessment of the key players in a sector, or alternatively a full strategic analysis of that sector’s current business landscape,” says Madhusudanan.

“Our analysts are adept at finding the best way of exploring a question to produce results that will make the client happiest.”

Those happy clients include anything from big players like Unilever, Nestle and Shell to independent business consultants and small startups, all of whom benefit in different ways from leveraging the on-demand data thanks to the platform’s flexibility, says Madhusudanan.

“It’s become clear that we have a platform that can work in harmony with at every level of the business spectrum,” he beams.

“In-house departments can use InsightBee as a complementary service when they’re at capacity and would otherwise have to refuse a data project, for instance, whereas consultants can use us to get fast and affordable access to data, saving both their time and their clients’ billable hours.

Sweet success

Madhusudanan understandably sees a bright future for InsightBee, and is keen to help the business realise it’s full potential. As he points out, while the business is proud of the accolades and praise it has received since launch, it’s certainly not resting on its laurels:

“We’re refining the data-gathering process all the time, and passing the benefits on to our clients,” he says. 

“For instance, we’ve already learned how AI tools and machine learning code can sift through public data in a faster and more efficient way than, for instance, an analyst conducting 15 Google searches.

“But we’re also moving into subscription-based sales and procurement intelligence, sending messages via our app that condense the most important news updates within a sector, region or in fact any definable area of critical business data.”

“There’s so much left to explore and I want to be a part of that evolution.”

Consultants have automatic access to InsightBee credit for contracts they win through Talmix, and won’t be billed until after the project is complete. Register to become a Talmix consultant.

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