How do Talent Marketplaces differ from other solutions?

"Talent Marketplaces are different than traditional staffing firms in a couple of key elements.

For one; a staffing firm is a service provider first, in which a need for a given resource is the identified and then given in the form of a requisition to a recruiter who then goes out and finds the individual(s) to present likely candidates to the end user.

A Talent Marketplace

A talent marketplace shifts the role of the recruiter to a matching algorithm that pulls candidates from an existing pool of talent. From there the end user has the luxury to engage that individual or individuals as presented at the marketplace.

Additionally some marketplaces such as Fiverr, allow end users to skip the first step entirely and allow hiring managers to source and interact with the candidate pool directly, selecting at their convenience from candidates that are available and matched the given need.

Like most technologies marketplaces remove unnecessary intermediaries and this reduce the amount of economic rents (Costs) in a given system. They allow for better outcomes and a better distribution of resources".

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