Talmix Case Studies: Product Launch

Getting a new product to launch needs a focused, project managed approach and someone who can break down the barriers to starting and reaching the launch date.

This was the case when a large bank was looking to launch a mobile product in a new market. They needed to find someone to get this moving and ensure that the product launched on time. The required talent would need to be able to get it off the ground, run the project and see it through to completion. They also needed to manage the various stakeholders that needed to be involved from the client side.


Why Talmix was the answer:

  • Finding the right talent who could speak the language - the bank needed someone who was fluent in Vietnamese and could be based in the country during the period of the project. Talmix has a global talent network, with strong coverage and knowledge of the South East Asian market- this enabled us to work closely with the client to really understand the nuances of the project and find the perfect match to requirements.
  • Project management experience - this project hinged on having somebody with strong project management capabilities. They needed to be able to demonstrate this by evidencing past projects managed and completed. By coming to Talmix the client could find a wide range of potential talent, but quickly narrow it down based on their other criteria.
  • Availability - the client didn’t know they had a need for the consultant until the need was critical. This wasn’t a problem as by coming to Talmix they were able to find and place the right talent in the two week period they had available.
  • Consulting experience - having a background in consulting was key for this project to ensure that processes and stakeholder management was handled in the way the client preferred. The wealth of consulting talent on Talmix made this an easy thing to check off the list.
  • Industry experience and product knowledge - the key part of selecting the talent for this project was that they had experience within the banking sector, with specific knowledge of the mobile product that they were planning to launch. Talmix matches the project with the consultants that have the right industry experience, those with the right knowledge were then able to put forward their proposals.


Getting started on the job you need to get done doesn't have to be hard. When a project arises in your company that you need to activate fast, whether you need niche skills or specific product knowledge, you can find the right talent at Talmix.

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