Talmix Case Studies: Digital Landscaping in China

A major international oil company needed to complete an online-to-offline digital landscaping project focused on the Chinese market. They required a deep understanding of best practices around digital activation so they decided to gather case studies on different industries. The aim of this was to assess the best approaches, outcomes and results these industries had achieved and inform their own approach. To do this they needed someone experienced in working in the Chinese market, who spoke Mandarin, but also understood the potential business models for online marketplaces.

Finding talent with local knowledge and language skills
Talmix put forward a management consultant with a background in banking and three years working in the Chinese office of a major consulting firm, where she had completed a number of multinational projects. Her experience in strategy planning and integration had helped a number of clients achieve business transition and efficiency. The addition of her experience working with digital start-ups made her stand out for this project.
Our talent matched the requirements of this project, and was also able to convince the client of her approach to addressing the problem with a concise proposal. The client agreed to work with her and she was on-boarded the following month.
Why Talmix was the smarter choice?
The mix of fast technology and the large network they could access with Talmix meant that the oil company could find and connect with a selection of consultants who matched their requirements – and choose the one that worked for them. The advantage of this approach for this client was: 

  • The availability of regional expertise and language skills for the Chinese market.
  • The ability to match that with quality experience from one or more of the industries the client wanted to research, as well as experience in strategy consulting.
  • A swift turnaround and confirmation of the talent so that on-boarding could take place.
  • The quality of the talent’s proposal articulating how they would approach the project.

At Talmix, we believe with the right mix of talent, anything is possible. This oil company was able to find the specialist skills and regional knowledge they needed to get their digital landscaping project executed with speed and efficiency.

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