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For HR professionals, it’s less a case of ‘if’ you’ll eventually need to hire in consultants for a project, more one of ‘when’. 

But it needn’t be the rigmarole often associated with the clunky processes and procedures of traditional interim recruitment. Thousands of HR directors are leveraging new platforms that tap directly into the world’s independent workforce, and there are good reasons to follow suit:


A change in priorities has left you in dire need of a project manager to work to tight deadlines, or maybe you’re desperate for market research ready for next week’s board meeting. 

Speed of delivery matters to every HR professional, and leaving behind antiquated hiring structures frees them from months of red tape, allowing fast access to talent and a nimble approach to finding the right specialist quickly.


Without the right little black book, choice is limited. Honestly: are you hiring in a specialist because they’re right for the task, or simply because they’re the only professional you could find with the skills you need? Worse still, are you shoehorning your in-house staff into roles and tasks they’re unprepared for?

Why hamstring yourself? A talent pool of tens of thousands of global specialists, operating across every function and sector, has never been easier to access.


Complex management structures and set-in-stone processes are commonplace hurdles for any HR professional simply trying to get the job done. 

But the right consultant can hit the ground running, getting on with the job ahead, while you can focus your attentions elsewhere. No employee on-boarding; no extra paperwork; nothing more complicated than the goal at hand.


If you don’t know enough about who you’re hiring, you’ll never be fully confident in pushing the button; at best, it means a hesitance in getting the job done, but at worst it means opening up your business to risk.

Choose instead to pick from specialists with verifiable experience and proven track records, each an industry leader and influencer in their own right, and sleep a little easier.


Many small- and medium-sized businesses are unable to justify hiring full-time employees for niche-but-needed skills, which ultimately leads to a pattern of investment needed before any kind of notable growth.

Now, you have options, plugging in and dropping out specialists as their part in the business is required and finished with. No unnecessary overheads and no waiting for the next round of investment to bring in top professionals.

Talmix provide businesses with the smartest way to access the extended workforce. Learn more about how we can help you reach the right mix of talent.

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