Introducing Talmix Talent Pools

Companies are increasingly realising the need to align their talent strategy with their business strategy, but with a changing workforce, and growing skills shortages, this is becoming harder to deliver against. Talmix sees the future workforce being built around these skillsets, and helps companies to create teams that are organised around the skills needed to deliver on business initiatives.

Why do businesses use Talent Pools?

Talent Pools are frequently used by TA teams to speed up their hiring processes in the face of the growing skills shortage, and the widening talent gap.

Having access to pre-qualified candidates, particularly those who match frequent requirements, can be likened to having a good pipeline of sales prospects. With a large enough pool, the chances of ‘closing’ the deal to employ the right talent are improved. To create this, a deep pool of talent is needed, and data on how many ‘matching’ candidates are required, based on historic hiring rates to filled positions.

For the hiring manager, talent pools provide a convenient approach to review prospective matches and to be able to refine and refresh as roles become critical, and new skills come into play.

The Challenges Businesses Face

Talent pools are often static, and by the time a hire needs to be made, the information is out of date, the candidates may no longer be available, and the TA team often has to start the process again. Slowing the hiring process is a major source of frustration for managers, and losing out on talent can result in delays in implementing critical initiatives.

There is also a need to have a talent pool that contains enough ‘pipeline’ to ensure that the ratio to fill is maintained. Frequently talent pools are far too small, or have random adds, rather than being a complete pool that is then updated as requirements of both the business and talent change.

Talent pooling becomes more complex when the roles demand newer, less available skills, and with specific experience and expertise required. The time to search and match precisely is laborious when a manual effort is involved.

The Talmix Solution

Talmix provides those making decisions on talent in supporting business strategy and building teams, by creating multiple, dynamically updating, talent pools using the world’s largest business talent network. 

For any kind of requirement, Talmix provides the convenience of using the same approach to connect with any kind of business talent globally, delivering these connections faster than traditional routes, and precisely matching the talent to the requirements.

Our unique matching technology quickly creates lists of talent to match any skill, role or requirement. These can be updated every time new matching talent comes in and the client can update the pool whenever the criteria may change.

Everyone in the pool has their own Talent Passport, updated frequently with latest skills and feedback, meaning that there is always an up-to-date view available to help with decision making. As new skills are acquired, matches can be re-run and talent moved into the most appropriate pool.

Within an organisation, different decision-makers can own their own talent pools, and also have access to other pools to see the talent that is potentially a good fit for the business.

Our talent pools help build future teams, looking at how to mix permanent and project talent, and providing a way to rapidly assemble everything that is needed, whilst addressing the needs for flexibility and mobility within the workforce. As well as finding fresh talent, we also cultivate and maintain a passive talent pool to use for potential return hires, made up of company alumni and previous contractors. 

Talmix is an always-on network, allowing companies to dip in and out, expand, or match and review the best available talent, to deliver on any initiatives, at any time.

Expanding Your Talent Network with Talmix



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