New Year (Re)Solutions: Why Businesses are turning to Talent Marketplaces

For most businesses, 2021 was the year of steadying the ship. Yet as we enter a new (and hopefully much less restrictive) business year, fresh incentives have emerged for companies to drive performance and better manage their workforces in the new world of work.

According to the recent Fortune/Deloitte CEO survey, attracting and recruiting talent (57 percent), designing a post-pandemic workplace (53 percent), retaining talent (51 percent), and building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce (43 percent) are highest on the list of CEO challenges for 2022.

The future of workforces and successful talent management strategies now relies on finding the right solutions for these issues, and for 2022, it’s the tech-enabled solutions like Talent Marketplaces, that have the most significant potential for helping business leaders achieve the most successful outcomes. 

Why Use Talent Marketplaces? 

In short, the last 12-18 months of disruptions have made businesses recognise the value of incorporating highly skilled business talent into their core processes. Over 40% of business leaders claim that using new talent marketplace platforms helps their organization hasten speed to market, boost productivity, and increase innovation. 

Increasingly, businesses expect to use talent platforms, not just to improve performance, but also to experiment with new business models built around using an on-demand workforce. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for companies to address the Great Resignation, the general well-being of their workforces, and a shift to remote practices – this has necessitated a push to adopt more progressive, data-driven and agile approaches towards sustainability and talent management. 

Hearing the term Talent Marketplace thrown around, but not sure what they are or how they work? Take a look at this short explainer: 

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