On-Demand Workforces for Switched-On Businesses

The fall-out from the pandemic has seen many companies completely rethink their models and approaches towards sourcing business talent. 


The ‘trend’ of remote working has now become an integral part of future workforce strategy. And for the most progressive companies, the realization that labour forces can be extended beyond permanent employees to a wider talent ecosystem (the extended workforce) has provided a smarter range of options with which to:

improve strategic/hiring decisions
address diversity and inclusivity within the workplace
✪ drive greater innovation and competitive advantages


The changing world of work does not allow for any complacency or nostalgia either, so companies need to react in real time to stay ahead of the curve and competition. For a deeper dive into the many changes businesses are currently navigating, head over to our dedicated A-Z page


In short though, the most successful businesses are embracing on-demand workforce models, that blends talent sourced externally with existing full-time workers. It’s a simple formula - if you map your workforce to your objectives, you will begin to create a dynamic ecosystem, that you can plug into on an as-needed basis.


These innovative businesses are increasingly tapping into the extended workforce and relying on talent marketplaces like Talmix to secure the talent needed to supplement their full-time staff.


To understand all the reasons why businesses are unlocking the power of the extended workforce and using digital talent platforms to build on-demand workforces, we’ve written an article here


For switched-on businesses, the use of online talent marketplaces like Talmix has vastly improved:

✅ speed-to-market
✅ quality of innovation
overall productivity
✅ more successful project outcomes



You can’t be a progressive talent organization without embracing change. Kick-start your change today. 

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