OPEurope 2019: What We Learned

Last month, Talmix were proud sponsors of Private Equity International - PEI's Operating Partners Forum in London, the only European event specifically dedicated to anyone concerned with the world of private equity portfolio operational assessment and value creation.

The annual event always provides a unique opportunity to hear from experienced operating partners and C-level executives on how they deliver value creation strategies, create top-line growth and drive EBITDA improvement in their portfolio.

This year’s Forum highlighted the year’s key trends in the world of private equity portfolio value creation. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned from the event, courtesy of our Private Equity Senior Associate, Tiggy Hillbery:


These were trends that have not gone unnoticed at Talmix.

In the last twelve months, we have seen a number of PE firms undertake substantial talent assessments of their portfolio companies. Our role is to help these firms accelerate their value creation by providing additional talent to supplement management with specific skills and expertise, or by sourcing replacements if there is a perceived need for management change.

Talmix has also played a progressive role in supporting carve outs for multinational private equity businesses. This trend mirrors the wider market, as discussed at the Forum, with numerous large corporate divestitures being snapped up by private equity owners. The size of acquisitions has varied significantly, but getting the talent mix right is always the most important factor.

The role of human capital in private equity is constantly evolving, but from this year’s event, it was clear that operating partners saw talent assessment, and improvement, as imperative to their value creation agendas.


We look forward to the next Forum, to see how these trends continue to develop over the next twelve months.


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