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A view into our inboxes: the articles that Talmix and our PE clients are finding most insightful in the business world.

This week is about the year ahead (serious and silly), how capability-fit is paramount for successful deals, our favourite PE pod, and how nearly half of the average company workforce can be considered 'extended'. Enjoy!

🔮 Private Equity in 2022

With 2021 as the first “trillion-dollar year” for Private Equity, what does 2022 hold? If you’re looking for a serious answer from a reputable source (107 PE Execs) then read HERE about talent management, product differentiation and ESG. If you’d prefer some hyperbole, these predictions should entertain.

 Doing the Right Deals

 Consolidation? Product adjacency? Diversification? A great piece simply highlighting how matching up company capabilities (to either leverage or enhance) weighs so much more than strategic intent when doing M&A. Read more HERE

🎙 Private Equity Funcast 

The best PE-focused pod out there in which Devin and Jim from ParkerGale Capital take the seriousness out of topics like software buyout lingobuilding sales teams (we’d know), the importance of NPS and much more.

👩 The Extended Workforce Is A Cornerstone Of The Future Of Work.

According to recent research from Ardent Partners, 47% of the average organization’s total workforce is considered “extended” or “non-employee.” The best way to be agile, and the best way to scale a workforce up and down, is to heavily-involve extended talent. Guess who the experts are on this topic? Read more here.

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This week we read about optimal sales stacks to personalise customer journeys, NHS and big data for the vaccine rollout, managing infrequent acquisitions with flexible talent and productivity toolkits for independent consultants. Enjoy!


📲 The Future of Sales(tech)

Where the buyer goes, the sellers must follow….in a virtual sense. McKinsey say that more than 75% of buyers now prefer virtual interactions and Gartner say that 80% of B2B sales interactions will be virtual by 2025. Get the tech right to ensure the most personalised buyer journey. It’s no surprise that Talmix are seeing red hot Sales Ops activity across our client base. Read more HERE.

👥 Managing Infrequent Acquisitions

 An episode from one of our favourite podcasts on M&A which talks about how to scale up corp dev teams as deals come into sight. "Never under-resource any project because if they're under-resourced, you have a huge capacity for things to go wrong, and it's hard to win your way back." Listen HERE

🗺 Supply Chain Resilience? Data Integration is the Key

You know that feeling when you’re faced with having to glean insights from a massive, disparate, duplicated and unclean data set? Imagine what the NHS were facing at the outset of C-19! Big data to the rescue….click HERE to see how one of the top data analytics firms helped them to clean and harmonise their data to deliver their largest ever vaccination programme.

📣 Calling all Talmix Talent 

Our partner, Ask Brian, have built a handy ‘management consulting tool stack’ that spans 7 main work areas and 35+ subcategories. Could you up your slide game? Create better surveys? Communicate better with clients? Read more HERE.

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Previously, on Pulse...


Happy New Year to all of our clients, talent and partners here at Talmix! We look forward to spending 2022 with you, where we'll be connecting more of the global business world to get critical work done.

Looking back on another record-breaking year for both PE and Talmix, and the articles that fuelled our conversations with clients and our customers, I found myself thinking - what if there were a regular hit of the most interesting insights away from dealmaking and fundraising…

So that's exactly what we've done. Have a read, and if you like what you see, stay tuned for regular updates. This week we're reading:

🤝 Establish a Productive Private Equity Partnership

Deals are all about people…on both sides. Some fascinating perspectives from investors and sellers themselves on why deals go well, go badly or never ‘go’ at allRead more here.

🔮 Tomorrow's Workforce: Six No-Regrets Plays to Make Today

The main takeaway here: COMMITMENT! Only a third of the 4,000 HR Leaders here agreed strongly that they are taking action on talent decisions with only 23% saying they can easily access contingent workers. Read more here.

📉 Losing from Day One

The failure of transformations correlates to the number of actions taken. Even those reporting success estimate that their organisations have realised only 67 percent of the maximum financial potential and value loss can begin as early as day one. Read more here.

📊 The Transformation Office

70% of transformations fail…with resource constraints cited once again. One Chief Transformation Officer we know remarked that the calendar ‘looks very light’ and the team size looks ‘very comfortable’! Read more here.

In the meantime, we look forward to spending 2022 with you all, as Talmix connects more of the global business world to get critical work done.



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