Remote Working: The New Normal

The challenges of COVID-19 to businesses are many and well-documented, and the response to those challenges saw many businesses rapidly evaluate how remote working can ensure some level of business continuity.

Remote working brings its own challenges and even though there was much discussion about more flexible working from the newer workforce, it’s only now that companies are realising the need to develop processes and procedures as it becomes reality.

While we ourselves adapt to a total remote approach, we thought it worth sharing how our own business continuity can support your business:


Fast access to critical skills


Though short-term demand is fluctuating depending on the market, locating the best talent for short-term remote work and long-term success remains an essential business prerogative. Talmix can help you:


  • Scale the remote workforce to deal with new project challenges, rapidly from a business talent network that is geared to working remotely and where needed, autonomously.


  • Alleviate pressure on core teams by bringing in ad-hoc resources to extend bandwidth


  • Connect to the skills that maximise readiness and can deliver immediate supply chain expertise to address the newest operational challenges.


We have the largest network of remote workers across the globe, and this number is continuing to grow, providing a valuable immediate resource to businesses needing talent that has the skills and the approach needed.


Preparing for the future (remote) workforce


It seems that even after the outbreak peak, the fear of disruption will see businesses wanting to maintain remote working approach, and many of the workforce may want to make this part of their standard work environment.


Now is a good time to start planning where there is going to be most demand in your business and identify how it will be fulfilled.

The future workforce will be built around fast access to key skillsets, creating teams that are organised around the skills needed to deliver business initiatives. The proactive businesses will be the ones who build a wider, deeper and more dynamic talent pool to meet, and anticipate, any shifting needs or expectations in the future.

Building talent pools ahead of demand has been proven to work in the best of times, and becomes imperative now that every business is having to be more agile than ever before.


We’ll continue to support you and you can be sure that when your business is ready to go back to normal, the talent network is out there for you.


Stay safe, and stay productive.

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