Skills-Based Talent Management - The Future of Work

As we start to move beyond recent disruption, many businesses have begun to ask themselves whether their current approach to work and workforce transformation is sustainable and whether existing practices are agile enough to withstand any future disruptions.


As a result, we are on the cusp of new ways of working. 98% of executives plan to redesign their organizations to make them fit for tomorrow. Agility has become the key to successful transformation, and 75% of businesses now view agile teaming — fluid teams that join and demobilise as required — as essential to developing a sustainable future workforce.


According to Mercer’s recent Global Talent Trends report, “Agility starts with knowing your talent ecosystem — that is, knowing who you have and where”.[1]


Embracing skills-based talent management will be essential to business sustainability- the key jobs will be the mission-critical roles and frontline delivery positions, and these will be constantly changing according to where businesses need to deliver and develop.


As Mercer reports, “some companies are placing big bets on contingent work of all types — gig, variable staffing, independent contractors and more”, acknowledging the importance of being able to quickly access to the skills required to fulfil on these rapidly changing initiatives.


Of course, as businesses collectively look towards fast access to key skillsets, competition for talent will rise. It will become more difficult for traditional staffing agencies to keep up with the demand, which is why online platforms like Talmix will become the most accessible and resourceful way to fill skill shortages, in less time, and with better results.


It is essential to start building a talent ecosystem today. Understand future jobs and critical skills in your business, map out who has these skills within your organization, and where they are lacking. Prepare for tomorrow.




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