Talent For Businesses - A New Relationship?

According to a recent Bain article, we are now entering a new business era in the post-pandemic world—an “era of scale insurgency.”


Winning businesses will act big, and act fast, committing to building organizations that execute today’s business while building tomorrow’s. Agile thinking will be at the heart of business building, as leaders quickly assemble and disassemble cross-functional teams according to the firm’s priorities. Online staffing platforms, like Talmix, will prove essential tools in providing fast access to the skills required to fulfil on these changing initiatives.


CEOs can no longer treat every role with equal importance. Now, the most important jobs in the company will be the mission-critical roles and frontline delivery positions, and these will be constantly changing according to where businesses need to deliver and develop.

Leading organizations will have to make tough resource allocation decisions across teams quickly and ruthlessly if required, so as to always “bring the right voices into the room”.


From Bain’s perspective, this will open up a world of opportunity for workers, but one without any guarantees of stability. This becomes a new “social contract” between employer and employee, where workers gain access to better jobs in mission-critical roles across multiple teams, but only gain this access through accepting that their position may be ruthlessly short lived.


Yet this still only really looks at the situation from a top down perspective. A ‘social contract’ is perhaps not the right term, because that implies some sort of surrender of freedom on the part of the worker, and committal to authority.


In today’s climate, that is simply not the case. At Talmix, the majority of our talent network consider agility as a key component of their own desired future work environment, allowing them to tap in and out of different roles and teams, develop across diverse functions, and move away from fixed career trajectories.

If anything, this future agile organization building is one of mutual aspiration- a chance for businesses to grow healthily and adapt to change, and for talent to seize greater opportunities and personalise their career journeys.










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