Talent Passport 2.0

After the successful launch of the ground-breaking Talent Passport in late 2019, we’re delighted to announce an exciting upgrade this week, marking a further step in the continuous improvement of our platform and our Talmix service layer, and making searching through our Talent Network an even faster, and more visually appealing process.


Your New Look Passport



With the latest update, the Talent Passport has been re-designed to provide an even richer insight into our talent, communicating key information through an improved visual manifestation of data, and exhibiting quick stats, available at-a-glance:


Critically, all our talent will now be able to see how complete their Talent Passport is, encouraging them to make the alterations necessary to improve their chances of being hired on the platform.


 Talmix CTO, Pedro Mata-Mouros

“Talmix continues to push ahead with the enrichment of our proprietary data sets, and driving significant efficiencies to our service layer by transforming the way our people interact with our platform and use its data to find and assess talent”


Our latest update emphasises our commitment to building the richest data set for business talent globally, to better inform candidates as to the best opportunities, and to improve the hiring process for businesses, making it faster and more precise every day.


If you're already on the network, login now to see the latest changes - and make sure everything is up to date!

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