Talmix and International Women's Day

There is so much impacting on the lives of women, and in particular the working lives of women, as we start a week where we aim to celebrate International Women's Day 2022. Diversity and Equality are high up the agenda of every business, and yet there are still countless examples of where neither is happening. 

At Talmix we want to use this week to highlight inspirational women on our network, provide insights into what more we need to do to promote women as part of the extended workforce and also look at some of the practical aspects - from financial planning to flexible working that need addressing as there are gaps that go beyond the gender pay gap.

What women want from Talent Marketplaces

The Talmix 2022 survey is just about to close, and with a focus on women in the network we're reviewing those findings. We're learning that women in freelance careers still face a constant pressure of 'proving oneself' and want marketplaces like Talmix to offer courses aimed at female freelancers, in business training and administrative support. Since we last surveyed our talent network we're pleased to note that there is more confidence in setting rates and advocating services to clients. We're committed to the women on our network getting the same opportunities, and earning the same rates as the men on our network, and it's pleasing that this progress is being recognised. But of course, there's work to do.

Financial Planning Challenges

Retirement Planning is a perfect example of where there continues to be significant differences between men and women, and pursuing an independent career can often push this activity further back. Our partner Penfold found that in 2021, women contributed on average 25% less than men - click here to read their blog written with psychologist Rob Stewart.

Inspirational Women

Through this week we'll be featuring several of the women on our network, talking about their careers, their move to independent working and what International Women's Day means to them. And we'll be featuring the women who work at Talmix and their hopes for equality as their careers progress. 


Keep tuned to our Linkedin and Twitter pages for the latest content on the IWD2022 theme, and we'd love to hear from women in and beyond our network about how they are using independent careers to advance their working requirements.




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