Talmix Celebrates 5 Years! A word from the CEO...

Talmix recently turned five years old, and a lot has happened since we first launched in October 2016.


I am very proud to lead such a great team that continues to develop best-in-class products and offers outstanding service to our loyal and growing talent and customer base.


The Talmix culture was wrapped up in the branding of Talmix and continues to be one of the strongest aspects of our business: our smart and focused teams, our solid relationships with customers, our bold approach to technology and data and in the brightest global talent network.


Keeping to the theme of five, here are 5 standout areas that epitomise Talmix:


1) Building best-in-class technology: The development of the platform really stands out because it’s something that we improve on constantly, from backend architecture improvements to a highly customised front-end experience. New features constantly deliver new benefits to our talent network and to our customer base as well as our internal teams who can deliver continuous improvements in service.



The man behind the technological curtain,
CTO Pedro Mata-Mouros



2) Focus on the Business Talent category: It would almost be easier to develop a marketplace for the kind of talent that is more traditionally associated with the freelance world: IT contractors, designers, copywriters etc. The moment we recognised that business talent, experienced consultants also wanted the opportunity to work independently, and companies would have a need for the skills they bring gave us a focus that has allowed us to build the marketplace as it is now and brings real value to customers.


3) Growing our unique and loyal Talent Network: Once we’ve focused on the type of talent, seeing the network grow, often through referrals from existing talent, and often because of the recognition and reputation of Talmix as a good place to be – the home of Business Talent in fact, is really a highlight.




A 60,000+ strong talent network stretching across the globe.


4) Building and enriching our unique Talent Passports: Launching the Talent Passport as a better way to describe the experience of independent talent compared to traditional CV/Resumes was critical to making every part of the marketplace work. It’s also the path to showing how project approaches are changing how organisations view work, away from the traditional career progression and experience story.


5) Delivering value every day to forward thinking customers: Working with the early adopters of marketplaces for business talent and then seeing how we have become an integral part of their talent ecosystem has been both a fascinating and rewarding journey. The accompanying growth of the business in terms of customer numbers and revenues is of course the pleasing result of that, and it’s really what starts the process for the next five years where we’ll continue to build and improve in all areas to accelerate success.


Finally, our mission remains unchanged. We're the home of  Business Talent and offer outstanding work opportunities around the world from a loyal and expanding customer base.

About the Author

Sandeep Dhillon

Sandeep came to Talmix with a background in consulting and finance and used this international experience to build and grow our commercial operations. He became CEO in June 2018 with a commitment to drive the next stage of growth and success and make Talmix the best solution for talent acquisition.

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