Talmix 2021 Highlights

🔹 A Year of Recognition - This year, Talmix is thrilled to have been named as Market Leader in the Digital Staffing Marketplaces Technology Adviser from Ardent Partners. We're also proud that our CEO, Sandeep Dhillon, was named in the Staffing Industry Analysts Staffing 100 Europe List, and Talmix was featured once again in the Talent Tech Labs Ecosystem 10.0.

We've been working hard in our 5th year so it's great to be recognised for our efforts! 👏🏼

🔹 Talmix Technology – #AlwaysForward. At Talmix, we are always striving to improve our #platform for our clients and talent – this year, we’ve introduced a new Post Project Flow for a more streamlined performance, a brand new Tagging System to make our algorithms even stronger, and made continued improvements to our unique Talent Passport and Talent Pools offerings.

🔹 Our Partners Page – This year, we’ve launched an incredible network of partners and services, providing Talmix Talent with a fast and convenient way to gain new business skills and build their independent careers. 

🔹 Our Feedback – We owe so much to the feedback from our talent and customers. Having our talent say that they have Talmix “to be grateful for the next chapter in my career” is wonderful, and reminds us why our talent continues to be at the heart of our mission.

🔹 Our Team- we wouldn't have been able to end 2021 on a record quarter without our amazing global team, who consistently bring a fast, flexible and flawless approach to everything they do. A particular highlight was this year’s Pride Campaign, which allowed everyone to reflect on what they are proud of in the workplace, and how important inclusivity is in the future of work.

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