Talmix joins Spend Matters SolutionMap

Spend Matters releases its Q4 2018 SolutionMap Analysis — Marking One Year of Strategic Procurement Technology Rankings.

For the first time Talmix has joined this ranking in the Contingent Workforce Solutions review, ranking in the Independent Contract Workers category, following an extensive process to evaluate our global solution for providing top-end talent to business. It's an emerging model that is gaining credibility and leads to Andrew Karpie,  Spend Matters Research Director of Services and Labor Procurement commenting:

“Contingent Workforce Management technology is the most dynamic procurement technology market at the moment, with new types of solutions covering increasing types of specialized spend and external labor emerging across the landscape.”

“The CW/S environment is changing in significant ways. Organizations’ use of contingent workforce and services (versus FTEs) is increasing and evolving as new sourcing and engagement models are driven by changing economic conditions AND are made possible by new technology. Established technology solution providers, like VMS providers, and new innovative solution providers, like direct sourcing platforms, are responding to new market opportunities, often taking the lead.  

SolutionMap rankings can be used to compare solution provider capabilities across the procurement and supply chain spectrum. The content is often used to identify and shortlist right-fit procurement technology providers for a procurement organization.

We are an emerging contender in this space, and thanks to our growing network, rapidly-developing technology roadmap, we see this as a great startpoint to take Talmix to organizations wanting to make use of the new world of talent, and ways to connect to it.
A sample map is shown below and the full map can be accessed at Spend Matters:
Sandeep Dhillon commented "Our participation in this research strengthens our position as a key component in making the talent connections required globally for businesses to develop their workforce for the future."



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