Talmix Launches New Tagging Features for Talent Passport

It’s five years since we launched the new Talmix platform to create the home of business talent, and our aim is always to innovate and improve the experience for all users. This week we’re delighted to announce two significant new developments that will deliver on these goals.

The Talmix Talent Passport is recognised as unique in the industry  and was one of the most significant launches when it went live two years ago. Now we’re adding new functionality to better categorise experience with the launch of our new tagging system. The tagging system makes use of the Talmix taxonomy for expertise, functions, operational skills and is an easy way for all users to highlight the categories which are most relevant, and strongest for them.

Users can tag their core skills and expertise at a project experience level, providing a more granular and applicable view for users who have deep experience in many fields. We believe this is a huge benefit for members of the talent network who can showcase exact experience and the context in which it was acquired.

For example, someone can now show a specific skillset, like IFRS, within a specific experience, like an international aviation manufacturer. This enhances the matching process so that the combination of skills, experience and project-level knowledge is highlighted. It allows our talent to showcase all their skills within the context of the experience in which they were gained, developed and implemented. As the currency of work becomes more project focused, this is a significant development in terms of thinking at a project experience level. 

Updating the Talent Passport with this Information is straightforward as always, simply adding in tags from suggested items as you update the experience sections: 

The tagging system, and continuing updates to our taxonomy with its focus on identifying and defining skills for the new workforce, are a key component in Talmix's ongoing data-driven approach. Increasing precision by augmenting our already strong datasets, built over the five years of Talmix, will make our algorithms even more accurate than before. And that means matching talent to critical business projects, so that companies can get work done more effectively, efficiently and faster than before. 






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