Talmix Platform Update

We’re excited to announce the launch of some exciting new platform releases this week - critical moves forward in the development of our platform and overall service layer, that streamlines the Talmix experience for both our clients and our ever-growing talent network.


New features and enhancements



An “Import CV” feature is now live across our talent network – you are now able to update your Talent Passport as many times as you wish, by uploading as many resumés as you like – our state of the art CV parsing technology will instantly extract all the key information from each upload to create a complete view that will allow more precise and faster matching of your skills and experience to opportunities.

From the “Résumé / CV” section of the Talent Passport, simply click “Import” – you’ll be shown all the extracted information and will be able to mould your own Talent Passport by selecting which information you’d like to exhibit. 


What are the key benefits?


For our clients: As more information is uploaded and extracted, the complete candidate picture is provided at the earliest possible stage, enhancing the chances of a successful hire. 

This dramatically reduces the time required to process and shortlist candidates, without compromising on result accuracy.


For our talent: You are in full control over how your Talent Passport will look. Our parsing technology will extract critical information from an array of sources to better tailor your candidate journey, vastly improve your chances of future successes, and improve your overall platform experience.



A “profile completeness” score will be displayed on every Talent Passport – the higher the score, the greater the chance of success on the Talmix network. We will highlight any gaps in your Passport to help you along the way – make sure that you have uploaded all relevant information and that your Passport is up to date. 

(Talent Tip) Having a profile photo on your Talent Passport will also factor into the profile completeness percentage number displayed on your passport.



We are now able to directly pre-register and auto-approve any client-approved talent onto the network. Our clients can instantly add any professionals (current employees, alumni and new talent) to the network and build their own talent pools, simply by adding an email address. 

The talent will be registered onto the network immediately, without an approval delay, and can also apply for projects instantly. 


Don’t forget to log in now, check out all the latest changes and keep your Talent Passport up to date!



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