Talmix Invaluable in Supporting Carve Outs

Carve outs have characterised the last few years within the Talmix private equity team. This trend mirrors the wider market with numerous large corporate divestitures being snapped up by private equity owners. The size of acquisitions has varied significantly, with the largest valued at $2.1bn, alongside a number of smaller deals.

Why is Talmix so well placed to help with carve outs?


Carve outs are perfectly matched with the way Talmix works. The heightened sense of urgency that TSAs create means it is essential to deploy the right people as quickly as possible. Delays result in penalties. Talmix’s ability to intelligently match talent within 24 hours provides significant financial benefits over waiting the 20+ days which is industry average.


The global nature of carve outs typically creates a need for someone to work with different jurisdictions to set up new entities and coordinate with HR teams to navigate different TUPE requirements.

Carve outs add complexities across functions such as HR, technology and finance. Talmix’s coverage across all industries and functional areas means that wherever extra resources are required, the Talmix network can be utilised to resolve these business challenges.

Equally, as new organisational structure is developed, the need to hire permanent talent below the executive and programme management level arises. Talmix’s network remains well positioned. One example saw an urgent need come to Talmix to find HR country leads across Europe. We delivered.


Traditional talent acquisition solutions don’t always work within carve outs. If the business unit doesn’t have a CFO in place, both interim and long-term solutions are required. Bringing someone in who can be flexible in duration to stand up the organisation whilst concurrently transforming the company to be better placed to navigate private equity ownership is ideal.

We look forward to continuing to provide talent that powers success and thank you for your continued support.


About the Author

Alexander Darcy

Alexander is the Sales Director at Talmix. He was previously the Private Equity Practice Leader, building strong relationships and driving revenues with Private Equity firms and their portfolios, and establishing Talmix as one of the primary providers of business talent to these companies globally. With an extraordinary focus on execution, Alexander now develops the sales strategy for all segments across all regions.

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