Talmix Success Stories: Brigitte Herren

Talmix has been speaking to some of the most inspirational business women across the Talmix network about their independent career journeys, the drivers behind their business success, and their expectations for the future of work. 

Next up, we talk to multi-lingual and multi-talented Brigitte Herren, an experienced Operations Director and Business Partner, about her life as an independent consultant, her inspirations, and the impact of the pandemic on both her own work, and the future of organizational operating models … 


Why does an independent lifestyle work for you? 

I get to work more “hands on” on projects compared to my previous role, where I supervised consultants. Another plus is that I feel freer as an independent advisor. Being part of an internal management structure can result in unwanted entrenchment in internal politics. Being independent gives me more freedom to focus on what needs to be done. This being said, the life as an independent consultant also brings less work stability, but I have some treasured hobbies that I engage in, when I am not on assignment.


What does International Women’s day mean to you? 

It is a reminder that I grew up in a world, where I enjoyed opportunities which were unlikely for women in my mother’s generation and unthinkable for my grandmother’s generation. I am deeply grateful to all women and men, who used their conviction, courage and energy to bring about more equality. I am also reminded of the work that still needs to be done, and that equality is not only a gender issue.


What role has Talmix played in your independent career? 

It is a close partnership. I spent 4 out of my 5 years as independent consultant on engagements provided by Talmix.


Who is your biggest female inspiration & why?

At the moment it is Maya Angelou. Starting from a very difficult childhood, the American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist rose to inner freedom and worldwide fame. She is a great inspiration of wisdom, courage, and authenticity. 


Has the pandemic impacted on how you work & do you expect further changes in your working practise, or those of your clients? 

A direct consequence of the pandemic, was that a large engagement I worked on was closed last year. I have since worked on smaller and shorter projects.

While many large innovation and transformation programmes will be halted until clients have sufficient faith in a stabilising economy, transformation and restructuring needs mount. Additionally, companies will embrace more fluid network styles of working, which increases organisational complexity. Not only operating models but also corporate cultures have to adjust. Consultants who apply system thinking to corporate strategy and implementation, will provide good value to clients.



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