Talmix Success Stories: Emma Pourarian

Continuing our Talmix Success Stories series, we speak to Emma Pourarian, highly-experienced Sales expert and project leader, about her independent career, pandemic life, and the challenges and successes she has encountered along the way. 


Why does an independent lifestyle work for you? 

I enjoy working for different companies and categories, broadening my network and learning different business models. I get a buzz making a real difference in a short space of time as well as the variety of roles and the ability to work with multiple clients at the same time.


What does International Women’s day mean to you? 

A true celebration of women’s achievements, rallying together to drive awareness, I love being part of something that began way before my time in 1911 and believe it’s important that every generation of women plays their part to continue to drive positive change which women worked so hard to achieve over the years, and has meant that we are able to enjoy more successful careers today.


What role has Talmix played in your independent career? 

 Talmix successfully placed me into a unique fast paced project role where I gained experience in a different industry to help their client launch a new consumer product across many different channels. It was a great learning curve and I was proud to deliver results in new functional areas which was both challenging and exciting and now enables me to offer more value to my future clients.


Who is your biggest female inspiration & why?

My Mum! If it wasn’t for her continual support, love and encouragement I wouldn’t be the successful woman I am today. She has always been a real inspiration, a single working mum with a desire to ensure I had the best possible upbringing and to set me up for success in life.

She was the first female area director for a well-known estate agency, took guts, hard work and sheer determination to break down the glass ceiling which didn’t exist for men. As her No.1 fan I’ve mirrored her drive, behaviours and beliefs which has enabled me to succeed in business.


Has the pandemic impacted on how you work & do you expect further changes in your working practise, or those of your clients? 

Being in sales I am used to travelling and staying away from home when working for clients spending lots of time with people. However, for a year I have been working from home leading to longer working hours but also a better work life balance which I have enjoyed, and have made a concerted effort to stay connected with colleagues and friends. The most challenging part has been in trying to connect with prospects when they are not in their workplaces, quickly learning how to develop new tactics and adapting quickly using different ways such as social media to engage and connect.  

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Dorothy Mead

Dorothy is a technology marketing veteran who is responsible for building the Talmix brand globally and creating digital programmes to engage and retain our audiences.

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