Talmix Success Stories: Minh Nguyen Nhat

We are extremely fortunate at Talmix to be in the driving seat for inciting change and positively affecting balance within the industries and organizations that we support. The women in our global network are some of the most talented business professionals in the world, and their number is continuing to grow year on year.

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, we have spoken to some of the most inspirational women across the Talmix network about their independent career journeys, the drivers behind their business success, and their expectations for the future of work. 

First up, we talk to Minh Nguyen Nhat, lead Market researcher and trade consultant in Vietnam about her inspirations and role models, opening up her own business consulting company, and finding the right work-life balance in today’s volatile business world … 

Why does an independent lifestyle work for you? 

Having worked for international consultancies for 12 years, I realized I wanted a more independent lifestyle where I could manage my own time in my own way. In 2012 I opened my own business consulting company which instantly gave me more time to take care of my family and travel when I wanted.

This change gave me freedom, choice over my work and the opportunity to manage my free time and my working time. I had clearer plans for the future and could set my targets more easily. I am more motivated and I work more effectively. The independent lifestyle allows me to manage my work-life balance well. 

What role has Talmix played in your independent career? 

Since joining the Talmix network in 2017 I have worked on over 10 projects, all of which have been really interesting and from very reputable clients. Colleagues from Talmix are very supportive and resourceful. I believe not only me, but other consultants also feel strongly motivated when working with Talmix. I always try working better and better to nurture the cooperation with Talmix. I am truly satisfied with the independent career Talmix has provided, together with running my own company which allows me to spend time with my family time and create a nice work-life balance. 

What does International Women’s day mean to you? 

Oh, yes, its of course a special day that we – women will receive flowers and wishes from others. For me, its also like other days, because it’s not a day-off in Vietnam, I still work. But looking back what I have in life, with independent life, I also can spend time for myself like going to spa, giving special treat for myself whenever I want, not only in Women’s Day. Maybe on Women’s Day, if I have to work harder for a deadline given by Talmix’s client, I still feel happy because For me, all 365 days in a year are Women’s day; Women’s day is the day that women can do everything they want and they deserve it.

Who is your biggest female inspiration & why?

Michelle Obama! She’s played roles of wife for the U.S. president, mother, the 44th First Lady of the States, lawyer, community activist and social rights advocate, all at the same time. She has been working continuously which inspires me so much. She’s passionate, devoted and confident in balancing different sets of priorities. 

Has the pandemic impacted on how you work & do you expect further changes in your working practise, or those of your clients? 

For a few months there were no new inquiries from clients. However, with the extra free time I had, I completed some online courses to improve my skills and my ability to handle more diversified projects. Recently I’ve received more project work through Talmix, and the new way of remote working means I can continue to work as well as take care of my family. 


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