Ten things a Talmix consultant could do for your business

There's no need to re-iterate the rise of the independent workforce. It's a given that more people are choosing this option. All that you need to decide is how they are going to fit into your business. Because, without being too dramatic about it, they will need to be part of your business if your aim is to deliver growth, operational efficiency and deal with the disruptive trends. Instead of fearing change, you have the chance to create dazzling transformation.

We're making it really easy for you: nearly 40,000 consultants globally are available through Talmix, and it all starts with you telling us (online to make it really easy) what strategic issue you need to solve. Then we'll match you with the best talent from that pool and begin the process of delivery. Here's ten things where an independent consultant could make a difference - today.

  • Supplement teams instantly with business talent like project managers, PMO leads,  executive leadership and interim cover
  • Underpin future workforce planning, addressing the challenges of an increasingly fluid workforce and helping predict future needs
  • Embed digital excellence into your business and drive transformation
  • Bring expertise in critical, hard-to-source skills for disruptive trends like AI, IoT, RPA and highly-skilled requirements like pricing, salesforce effectiveness and organisational restructuring
  • Lead innovation and proof of concept programmes, establishing and managing innovation labs
  • Support business planning and strategy, with a focus on the fastest route to implement
  • Analyse operational effectiveness and bring improvements that have instant impact
  • Bring project management excellence, and introduce agile techniques across the business
  • Lead major transformation programmes, creating value and maximising efficiencies
  • Become champions for change in a constantly changing world.

If you realise the time to act is now, then why not tell us your requirements today? 


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Dorothy Mead

Dorothy is a technology marketing veteran who is responsible for building the Talmix brand globally and creating digital programmes to engage and retain our audiences.

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