The Critical Component to Your Talent Passport

Registering on the network at Talmix creates a unique Talent Passport. We launched Talent Passports to provide a more dynamic view of experience, skills and interactions compared to traditional resumes and CVs, showcasing your strengths as you are matched with opportunities posted at Talmix. And as your Talent Passport becomes richer, documenting your application history, your responses to screening questions, and in future versions two-way feedback, it means that both our talent and our clients benefit from more precise matches.


The Talent Passport is recognised as a unique offering by Talmix and underpins the data-led nature of our platform in delivering the right talent to businesses faster than through any other routes.


Of course, much as we’d like to say it’s the end of the traditional CV/Resumé, we know that those longstanding records aren’t quite going to go away just yet. In particular as you launch your independent career it’s vital that you have as powerful a document to support your career moves as possible, and as you build your Talent Passport a richer CV will deliver a better baseline to your passport.


The format and information continues to evolve and develop, so for opportunities outside Talmix, it’s key to update your information regularly. There are now more innovative ways to present your skills, experience and attributes, whilst having to keep in mind specific nuances between industries. Clients are looking for candidates that show initiative and creativity, and so your CV is your first impression that demonstrates this. 


Today’s hiring managers place much more emphasis on personal achievements and outlining what you’ve learnt in current roles and the mark you’ve made is recommended to include early on. Your CV is your opportunity to communicate key achievements, stand-out projects and your biggest strengths in a clear and concise way. The talent that performs best on the Talmix platform makes sure that they have a rich CV and a rich passport and we are going to help you deliver better versions of both, with support from a new partner.

Introducing our newest partnership - CityCV


For independent talent, navigating opportunities and roles for projects and permanent positions can be complex and time-consuming. Talmix understands that staying on top of your LinkedIn profile, completing detailed job applications and regularly updating your CV can feel overwhelming. We’re making it easier for you with updates to your Talent Passport but we know that you need to stay on top of everything!


With this in mind, Talmix is excited to announce a new partnership with CityCV, an international career consultancy that provides a complete range of professional writing and coaching services to help individuals really stand out. CityCV have decades of industry experience and a thorough understanding of what recruiters look for in project, consulting, interim or permanent roles - both in the UK and global markets. 


As part of the partnership, we’ll be organising a series of free webinars exclusively available to Talmix Talent throughout the year. The webinars are designed to assist you in planning the next steps in your career journey. 

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