The Birth of a Hybrid Workforce


You’ve heard us talk about a new way of working, a huge shift in the way we think and talk about talent – a fluid, more flexible solution to finding the skill you need, when you need it, for the duration you need it for. 

Introducing: The Hybrid Workforce


What is it?

A hybrid workforce is simply a workforce that is able to rapidly adjust and change based on the environment they’re in. In fact, Accenture go as far as saying that “The changes from the digital revolution will create a state of culture shock for workers and corporations”, leading to a change in strategy, investment and technology-approach to keep updated, current and ahead of the curve. 
But as much as this apparent “sense of panic” appears to exist amongst larger organisations who are trying to do the best and be the best, it really doesn’t need to be any more than an open-approach to embracing change, and trying something that you’ve probably never done before. 


Where do I start?

Where some businesses are re-writing entire corporate strategies to make way for a new contingent business agenda, embracing a new flexible way of doing things could start with something as simple as asking a few questions:

•    What do I need to do?
•    What skill do I need to find?
•    Do I have that skill in-house?
•    How long do I need it for?

A flexible workforce, like the 60,000 plus business professionals working through Talmix’s platform, is one that is ready to start today. They are equipped, skilled, and in Talmix’s case, fully vetted, to join your team, and run with you. They bring skill from some of the world’s best consulting agencies, but with the perpetuality to roll their sleeves up and deliver results. 

And whether it’s the “sharing economy” or “the platform economy”, the concept remains the same: your willingness to augment your existing team, with the skill you need to grow new, and grow quickly. 


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