The Key to Success: Talent Data

Organisations that favour agile working, make strategic investments in human capital and embrace data and technology in talent acquisition processes, will be best positioned to gain market share and overtake competitors in a post Covid world.


According to a recent global survey of business leaders, trends that are now seen as critical for company success include building flexible workforces, utilising talent analytics, adopting digital workflows, and investing in HR technology.[1]


The new Talent Trends report also claims that organisations are increasingly relying upon data and technology to predict needs within their business and to fill current talent gaps quickly and efficiently. 


Companies are also looking to prepare their workforces to adapt to any future market unpredictability and are therefore embracing technologies that can provide better insight, and the flexibility to deploy talent quickly based on demand and market factors.


Matching precisely to the right talent has become even more critical in today’s climate: wrong hiring decisions will cost businesses thousands of pounds in time they can’t afford to lose in bringing the right people on board.


These are trends that we’ve certainly been noticing at Talmix. We’ve seen a large influx in clients looking to benefit from our technological capabilities, tapping into all the different data points that we have across our talent network in order to guarantee speed, precision and convenience through a state-of-the-art, next-gen sophisticated searching and matching algorithm.


Data has become essential - understanding the key skills that are emerging, that are in demand and successfully unlocking the talent to deliver them. 


For an accessible and resourceful way to fill skill shortages and make the right hiring decisions, in less time, and with better results, get in touch with Talmix today.




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