The New Workforce: A Talmix A-Z

FREE EBOOK: The New Workforce: An A-Z 

The world of work is changing – and a new workforce is taking shape. As businesses battle political and economic upheavals, global pandemics, changing markets and employee demands, it’s now the time to take action and make positive organizational changes. 

At Talmix, we've been working closely with other businesses and our talent network, to identify the core areas where action is required to deliver these new ways of working.

We’ve compiled a thorough A-Z of everything you need to know about the new workforce – what changes are taking place, what challenges need to be overcome, and what opportunities are out there for businesses to capitalize on. 

It’s our most comprehensive e-Book yet, packed full of business insights, covering everything from workforce management, to data-driven strategies and digital talent platforms. 

Also included:

πŸš€ How to align business, talent and data strategies
πŸš€ How to make your workforce more agile
πŸš€ How to be a leader in the future of work
πŸš€ How to tap into the extended workforce to get work done
πŸš€ Find out which jobs are set to change, and how to build an  on-demand workforce

Check it out here:

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