Total Talent Acquisition Made Simple

A report from Staffing Industry Analysts this week showed the continuing desire for Total Talent Acquisition in companies, with 64% of businesses surveyed planning to investigate its value.

Streamlining the talent acquisition process can create a mixed workforce without different silos having different responsibilities. It can only make sense, particularly as critical positions aren’t filled due to skills shortages. A more holistic approach can reduce the time to find those hard to find skills, and deliver the improvements the business desires.

We have put convenience at the centre of our strategy at Talmix: providing a single interface for businesses looking to connect to business talent globally.

Instantly connecting to talent on a network of 60,000 brings advantage across an organisation, global coverage means that there is no need for a different strategy in different regions – often a barrier to removing those hiring silos.


Now we’ve extended this to further help businesses towards total talent acquisition. Our network has grown from the early days of predominantly independent consultants, into a mix of the world’s best business talent, and our customers want to tap into this talent for all their requirements.


This is why we’re delighted to launch automatic matching of requirements for our traditional project-based engagements, for interim and now for permanent requirements. However you have decided to structure your workforce, your hiring managers, HR and Procurement teams can all hire in the same way. It’s as easy as ever, wherever you are in the world.


We have worked with some of our larger clients already on this, so that now they have users in different teams and regions with visibility on talent requirements and how they’re fulfilled through the Talmix platform. One person may be looking for a short-term project manager, another for a permanent CMO. There is total transparency on pricing, on current roles, and talent pools create a curated view of regular requirements, and existing hires.


One of the main benefits in Total Talent Acquisition is that having streamlined across the business, hires are made faster and initiatives are accelerated. Our service and technology continue to deliver that speed to all our clients, across the globe.


We’ve been passionate about creating a mixed workforce for businesses, believing that with the right mix of talent, anything is possible. We’re now making it a little easier for you. Total Talent Acquisition made simple.




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