Turning Skills Gaps into Opportunity

It’s no secret that we have a serious skills gap problem. It doesn’t take long to find articles endlessly lamenting that fact, organisations facing talent meltdowns, businesses in a tailspin as they struggle to visualise the successful completion of projects, keeping ahead of the rest of the players and more importantly, augmenting an existing workforce that requires new skill, expertise and know-how. 

But is this really a problem?  Categorically – most organisations, and even governments, would answer with a resounding YES.  We, on the other hand, suggest the contrary.  

Controversial, I know, but stay with me for a second.  

Although the challenge is very much there and we recognise the huge wall of talent-loss facing organisations all over the world, could it just be that businesses fail to see a simple solution -  turning a chaotic rush to attract the latest and best talent, into an opportunity of an on-demand, ready-to-engage workforce with exactly the skill you’re looking for, whenever you need it? 


The “Need To Employ” Conundrum

If you’re associating the Skills Gap and Talent Loss with an urgent Need To Employ – then perhaps you’re looking at this from the wrong perspective. Introducing: The On-Demand Workforce. The power of a truly on-demand workforce lies in 1 thing: immediate accessibility. And if it’s skill that you’re after, Talmix’s on-demand workforce is the best of the best – 100% vetted independent consultants, with years of relevant industry experience and strategic know-how. And if you’re in need of help, you’re most likely looking for someone to step in, for a specific period of time, to do a specific job – and that’s exactly what the Talmix consulting community offer. Augmenting your workforce does not mean automatic employment. Augmenting your workforce means that you empower your existing team, with niche skills who are able to join instantly, and run alongside business of today. 


It’s not about them, it’s about you. 

If I was to ask you, just for a second, to take a step back from the talent challenge you’re facing and truly look at your skills gap problem from a seagull’s perspective – would the challenge still look the same? We don’t think it would. 

And here’s the controversy…

Overcoming a skills gap problem is not the issue – what is the issue is being unable to accept (or recognise) the changing world of work – and the discomfort that follows at having to try something completely foreign and new.  

"But wait," I hear you murmur,  "that’s not my workforce’s problem, isn’t that a decision that lies with me – the leader of my organisation?"  


Now that we have your attention – there’s one take away that we want you to hang on to. There is an existing solution, a tried and tested way for you to do all that you need to do; and in many cases, be up and running within a matter of days - one that offers you choice, transparent pricing, quality talent, precision matching, and an agile way to resourcing.  Introducing, Talmix - unlocking the power of the extended workforce


If you want to know more about the On Demand talent solution and how it works – get in touch with us today. 

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