Why are Companies Turning to Talmix?

Alisha Panter

Globally, businesses are fast-moving towards embracing a contingent workforce – this has been made possible because of growing advancements in technology and the rise of online platforms that allow fast access to business talent. 45% of employers cite difficulties filling positions due to a lack of skilled workers, leading them to explore other avenues to meet workforce shortages. With more platforms emerging within the market, businesses have better access to the talent they need for projects on short notice.

As our clients shift from traditional methods of recruitment to using data-led platforms like Talmix that guarantee the best business talent to accommodate permanent roles, we’ve noticed a 35% growth in the number of permanent roles hired through the platform over the last 12 months. This has set us apart from other online staffing platforms, which tend to only specialise in short-term project work. As the use of contingent talent has become more accepted and trusted in the last few years, businesses are starting to look beyond short-term gap plugging and onto full-time placement hiring.

Constantly retraining your workforce can be time-consuming and costly – rather than starting from scratch, you can benefit from the skills and knowledge of existing industry experts at the click of a button.

1. Why are we seeing these changes?

These changes have been driven by a lack of highly skilled and experienced workers at hand globally. Training teams and developing their expertise can be time-consuming and costly for a business, as it can delay projects, making it difficult to stay ahead of your competition. Finding individuals with the right skill set has proven difficult for some businesses as they have been limited to a small local pool of talent that isn’t sufficient long-term. 91% of companies are already using outside platforms to some extent to fulfil their business needs and this need will continue to expand. The shortage of expert talent will continue to rise which is why it’s best to get ahead and join our network, to fill the talent shortages you may be struggling with.

2. What does this mean for the landscape?

There is considerable scope for businesses to make changes to their workforce. As employers adopt a fresh approach to finding the right talent, competition will begin to rise. With platforms like Talmix, finding the right talent, at the right time and in the right location can be simple and efficient. As the skill gap continues to widen, it will become more difficult for traditional staffing agencies to keep up with the demand in talent and online platforms like Talmix will become the new, accessible and resourceful way to fill skill shortages, in less time with better results.

3. Why is Talmix the best for permanent hires?

With over 60,000+ industry experts on our platform, we can guarantee you’ll find the talent you need without the hassle of time-consuming searches and the expense of traditional staffing agencies. Within 24 hours you could have access to profiles matching your specification receiving immediate results, reducing the time frame for a new hire by weeks. The cost of a bad hire can impact your business, whether it’s a lack of productivity and skill or a decrease in company culture - it’s not worth the risk. Other platforms often provide project or freelance work but when you need to fill a long-term gap in your executive team or C-suite, the Talmix platform can accommodate your needs delivering expert talent that will fulfil your business requirements.

4. How does our matching technology make us the best in this sector?

Our platform is fast, flexible and flawless. Whether it’s a talent pool you require or a position you need to fill with short notice, our platform has a matching algorithm that will provide you with profiles in as little as 24 hours. The Talmix platform uses multiple data points and learns from your needs to ensure you have the perfect match each time. Whether you need talent in a specific location, or with specific industry experience, you can connect to new talent as and when you need without hassle. With now over 60,000 of the most experienced business professionals on our platform, you have endless choice for the project, interim or permanent placement you’re looking for.


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