Why Independent Consultants are Critical to your Operating Model

Why Independents Are Critical to your Operating Model

As organizations grow leaner, the need for specialized external resources becomes more apparent than ever. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to spend a million pounds every time you need help or an external insight.

Independent consultants are lean by design and can deliver better value for your money when paired to the right projects. Working with an independent has many advantages beyond availability and makes better strategic sense than a large consultancy in a number of situations.

There is no better person to produce an impartial assessment than an independent party. Flexibility and customization are more amenable to an independent as they are not selling a methodology, but the ability to deliver on many. Changing reporting standards or re-defining a whole deliverable is seamless for a sole practitioner and complicated for a large firm. 

Added to this, from an operating model perspective, you do not even need to be limited to an individual. Using global talent platforms like Talmix gives you access to a wider network that, as a whole, encompasses a broader range of expertise than any one firm in the world.

You Can Have It Both Ways

Relationships with consultants are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. By explicitly considering these relationships in your operating model design, you are building a more effective and efficient professional services supply chain that leverages scale when necessary, while maintaining itself nimble to respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and hypercompetitive world.

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