Why Size Does Matter

As a new decade settles in, Talmix has passed a significant milestone, with the number of registered users approved on its talent network passing the 60,000 mark.


There could be a degree of ‘Sowhattery’ in hearing this news – numbers don’t always mean that much beyond the company stakeholders, and we’ve probably all groaned at press releases celebrating what are little more than vanity metrics.


But in talent terms, the story is bigger than the (admittedly big) number.


The issues companies face in finding the right talent bear repeating: 31% of companies say that they have had to abandon initiatives because of not having the right skillsets, or not being able to find them in time to deliver.


If you are looking for a needle in a haystack, because that’s what it can feel like when you’re trying to connect to someone with the skillset needed, you’re really only concerned about the needle and not worried about the size of the haystack. That’s why we’re often asked – well what advantage does this huge talent network bring me, when all I want is a VP of Transformation with Travel Industry experience?


And this is exactly why size does matter. Transformation skills may be rare in your own small network; they may be less rare if you extend that search to a wider circle using traditional recruiters; but you really up the number of needles if you’re going to find them quickly, and find the right one. Using traditional sourcing methods means that you can get to them but they’re starting the search in an only slightly bigger universe.


Of course, if you were trying to search through 60,000 to get to one, you’d not be too impressed. Thanks to the technology and data-driven approach used by the Talmix platform, the hay is tossed aside pretty quickly to get to the needles.

And let’s be clear – size isn’t compromised by lack of quality. With a sole focus and process to ensure that only experienced business talent is on the network, we’re confident in saying that all 60,000 have great skillsets and expertise.  That means you can approach solving your talent requirements with complete confidence,  knowing that one of them (at least) will have exactly what you want.


The use of digital staffing platforms like Talmix has increased dramatically over the last few years: having immediate access to the best talent pool is one of the reasons it’s vital to include it in your talent acquisition strategy.






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